Fine Americas, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of plant growth regulators, announced the federal Section 3 registration of its new Kudos 27.5 WDG plant growth regulator. Featuring the active ingredient prohexadionecalcium, Kudos is registered for use on apples, sweet cherries, grass grown for seed and peanuts.

“We’re very excited about the federal registration of Kudos,” stated Greg Johnson, president of Fine Americas. “In apples and sweet cherries, Kudos reduces vegetative shoot growth and lessens the need for summer and dormant season pruning. It also improves fruit color in red and bi-color apple varieties by allowing for better light penetration into the tree canopy. And finally, tests show that Kudos reduces the incidence and severity of fire blight in apples. All important benefits for apple and cherry growers from coast to coast.”

In addition, Kudos shortens internode length in grass grown for seed and peanut plants. By doing so, it increases yield potential and improves the harvestability of these two crops.

“Kudos has proven its value through performance over several years of testing by university researchers and private cooperators,” noted Jim Scruggs, technical services manager for Fine Americas. “We feel confident in its ability to help growers reduce production costs, limit losses and increase their net profit potential in these four registered crops.”

“Kudos is the latest example of our company’s continued commitment to excellence in PGR technology,” Johnson summarized. “Along with our current product portfolio, which includes Blush, Exilis Plus, Falgro, Motivate, Novagib and Perlan, the introduction of Kudos gives growers another valuable tool in their continuing quest to improve yields and quality while controlling production costs.”