ST. LOUIS , MISSOURI- Farmers who planted DEKALB(R) products recorded the highest number of national first-place wins in the National Corn Growers Association's (NCGA) 46th annual National Corn Yield Contest, staking their claim as America's top-yielding corn farmers.

Twelve DEKALB customers achieved national awards, including five first-place wins. They planted high-yielding DEKALB products as part of their winning on-farm combination to win five of the eight categories—AA Non-Irrigated; A No Till/Strip Till Non-Irrigated; AA No Till/Strip Till Non-Irrigated; Ridge Till Non-Irrigated; and Ridge Till Irrigated. DEKALB products swept all three spots in the AA Non-Irrigated category.

At the state level, farmers who planted DEKALB received 52 first place, 46 second place and 24 third place awards. This year was a record year for NCGA overall entries, with 7,119 total submissions.

"We're excited to celebrate the accomplishments of DEKALB farmers who placed winning yields as part of the DEKALB Yield Chasers program, and thank all farmers who dedicated themselves to increasing yields with the DEKALB portfolio of products this year," said DEKALB Marketing Manager Jason Hoag. "DEKALB continues to be committed to providing farmers with industry-leading genetics and advanced Genuity(R) traits."

NCGA will recognize national and state yield contest winners at an awards banquet at the 2011 Commodity Classic in Tampa, Fla., March 3-5. In addition, national and state winners will be invited to attend the DEKALB NCGA celebration event, which is a special evening of entertainment to recognize their achievements.

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SOURCE: Monsanto