Farmers Edge, a global company in precision agriculture and independent data management solutions based in Canada, announced an agreement with BlackBridge to expand its use of RapidEye high-resolution satellite imagery.

This long-term contract grants Farmers Edge access to historical and cropping-season imagery to North America, South America, Australia, and Eastern Europe. Building upon existing satellite imagery services available in its Precision Edge platform and custom Precision Solutions packages, Farmers Edge can now provide quick access to imagery for major precision agriculture practicing areas of the world. This international software platform combines data management, crop monitoring, yield forecasting, weather applications and variable-rate technology functions for advanced farm management.

With reports 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world, the added value Farmers Edge brings with an exceptional imagery platform is offering growers in other areas of the world the ability to better understand their land, the data management company noted. Farmers Edge uses remote sensing technology to optimize the placement of crop inputs, increase sustainability, productivity and profitability for agribusinesses worldwide.

BlackBridge engages the agricultural industry with current and historical five-meter RapidEye satellite imagery from its monitoring programs. Positioned for broad-area coverage and multi-temporal imaging, BlackBridge delivers imagery frequently throughout the growing season that is used to help growers monitor and manage their cropland more effectively.

“Farmers Edge has been a BlackBridge partner for a number of years. I am excited to say, this new agreement will give Farmers Edge global access to outstanding collection capacity and selection of historical RapidEye satellite imagery,” said Clint Graumann, cirector—North America, U.K. and Ireland at BlackBridge. “Our ability to monitor agricultural areas worldwide combined with Farmers Edge’s knowledge at the field level will raise the bar in precision agriculture.”

“This is among the first global commercial RapidEye imagery agreements and as the largest precision agriculture services provider in the world, we are fortunate to be offering near real-time geospatial information to our customers in four continents. Our customers will benefit from this distinctive service in Precision Edge with accurate and timely information on crop variables,” said Chacko Jacob, vice president of global technology and business development at Farmers Edge.

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