The Federal Aviation Administration released a report citing at least 25 episodes of small drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) coming within a few seconds or few feet of colliding with full-sized aircraft since June 1.

These 25 complaints or formally submitted alerts apparently are being viewed by the FFA as not being all the instances of near collisions across the nation and in rural areas.

The 25 instances were in a report that the Washington Post received because of a “long-standing public-records requests” from the newspaper and other news oulets.

According to the Post, many of the close calls reported “occurred during takeoffs and landings at the nation’s busiest airports, presenting a new threat to aviation safety after decades of steady improvement in air travel.”

The newspaper highlighted some of the close calls and complaints by pilots.

What is contrary to logic and appropriate flying of UAVs is that some of the close calls were thousands of feet above the ground. Those in the agricultural industry have been pushing for UAV rules for agricultural use by drones flying much less than 1,000 feet.

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