Nachurs-Alpine Solutions of Marion, Ohio, a major liquid fertilizer manufacturer, and Pathway Biologic, LLC of Plant City Fla., an applied science of microbial technology company, announced an extension to their exclusive marketing agreement specific to PowerBlend, which is key to Nachurs’ Rhyzo-Link fertilizer.  The two companies will continue to join forces through 2020.

Nachurs Rhyzo-Link is a unique combination of fertilizer blended with eight unique strains of plant-growth- promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) supplied by Pathway.  This combination works in-furrow with the seed or on the leaf surface to provide nutrient availability and enhanced nutrient uptake.

This extension of agreement allows both Pathway and Nachurs to continue collaborating on current and future products that may include crop specific PGPRs.  Jim Krebsbach, vice president of ag at Nachurs Alpine Solutions, said, “As quickly as the biological industry in agriculture is evolving, you need a good partner to stay on the cutting edge of technology.”