New operating modes, expanded data collection options and new pricing for the CenterLine Guidance System have been announced by Midwest Technologies, Wheaton, Ill.

In addition to parallel and headlandmodes, the popular manual guidance system now includes a "curved AB" mode to allow operation in any guidance pattern. Automatic guidance information to the closest swath and countdown of the distance to the next swath is provided to the operator while turning at row end.

"The CenterLine Guidance System is an ideal solution for growers and applicators spraying fungicides to manage Asian soybean rust," states Rich Gould, marketing director. "CenterLine helps eliminate the risk of missed areas and yield loss. This is especially important now as we face a possible increase in nighttime spraying to combat the disease," Gould continues.

Adding SmartPad II, a rugged handheld computer, to the CenterLine Guidance System enables on-screen field and hazard mapping and allows easy transfer of application data to an office computer for permanent record-keeping.

Pricing has been reduced on the CenterLine Kit, which includes WAAS DGPS receiver/antenna and wireless remote control as well as on the CenterLine Kit with SmartPad II.

Source: Company Release