DANBURY, Conn. -- Tasker Capital Corp. today announced that Groupe Doux has begun the next phase of testing of Tasker's Unifresh(TM) Pen Spray for poultry pens.

The tests, which will be conducted at several of Groupe Doux's poultry farms in France, are expected to be completed in approximately fifteen weeks. Unifresh Pen Spray, which is still in development in the United States, is a product designed to reduce or neutralize the ammonia byproduct in poultry pens. High ammonia levels can have adverse effects on poultry health, impacting weight and mortality rates.

The initial test performed during the fourth quarter of 2005 by Groupe Doux was intended to determine the method of delivery to poultry pens replete with chickens. Although the test indicated that benefits may be achieved through the use of the product, the initial test was limited in scope. The next phase of tests will include more farms in order to achieve a suitable statistical representation that will provide more reliable results.

"The current tests are designed to determine the benefits of Unifresh Pen Spray and, once learned, to establish a statistical base to support the findings. Upon their successful completion, we intend to use the data as a basis for regulatory approbation and for product marketing in the European Union," said Jean-Charles Doux, board director of Groupe Doux.

Groupe Doux is a premier European poultry producer and a world leader in exports of poultry and further processed poultry products. Groupe Doux has connections with approximately 4,800 poultry farms.

Richard Falcone, Tasker's president and CEO, said, "In addition to our cooperative effort with Groupe Doux in the European Union, we are arranging to conduct similar tests in the United States. Both of these markets, individually, offer extensive opportunities for our Unifresh Pen Spray.

"These tests are expected to validate the benefits of our product in reducing and neutralizing the ammonia byproduct inherent in poultry farming, and promote a healthier environment in which to raise poultry for consumption. Upon their successful completion, and subject to regulatory approvals where required, we intend to vigorously market the product worldwide."

Tasker is a manufacturer, distributor and marketer of products with various applications that use the pHarlo technology. The pHarlo technology utilizes a highly charged and acidified, yet stable and safe, solution that enables copper sulfate, a compound with bacteriostatic properties, to remain active throughout a wide range of pH values. The Company currently markets Close Call(TM), an oral hygiene breath drink, and Unifresh(TM) Footbath, a grooming aid product for dairy cows.

SOURCE: Tasker Capital Corp. via PR Newswire.