The European Union will continue to accept imports of U.S. feed made from processed grain and food and feed additives containing the Herculex(R) I Insect Protection trait, based on an April 18 announcement by the European Commission.

An insect-resistant trait highly effective against European corn borer, black cutworm, western bean cutworm and other destructive pests, Herculex I Insect Protection is approved for cultivation in the U.S. and Canada and under the trademark HX* Insect Protection in Argentina.

"This recent action by the European Commission is good news for American farmers," said Kyle Whitaker, technology manager for Pioneer, "since most corn products exported to the EU are in the form of gluten or other processed feed."

EU approvals for whole grain produced from Herculex I seed are still pending. Appropriate markets for grain containing Herculex I include domestic feed use or delivery to grain buyers that specifically agree to accept and handle this grain appropriately.

Grain containing the Herculex I trait is approved for import in Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Mexico and other nations.

Source: Company Release