Eurofins AgroScience Services (EAS), which has been an exhibitor at the National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants convention for several years and works with global crop protection companies, announced it is relocating its U.S. Pesticide Residue Laboratory operation from East Brunswick, N.J. to Lancaster, Penn.

The new facility will be at full operational mode as of Sept. 8, according to the company.

EAS conducts field and laboratory studies worldwide to determine the safety and efficacy of new agrochemicals and crop varieties. It has laboratory and field operations in several countries of the world, and just expanded with the acquisition of De Bredelaar B.V. based in Elst, the Netherlands. De Bredelaar was founded in 1988 and was an independent research institute specializing in crop protection in agriculture and horticulture related to efficacy, phytotoxicity and residue studies. This acquisition provides the first field facility in this region for EAS, which was the only regional in Europe where EAS didn’t have a field facility.