According to The New York Times, a spokesman for the European commissioner for health and consumer affairs has stated that The European Union will allow the United States to conduct its own investigation of the incident in which an unapproved strain of Bt corn was inadvertently allowed to be imported into union countries. The EU does not plan its own investigation.

Syngenta, the manufacturer of the corn, notified U.S. authorities when it discovered the error in mid-December. Because the corn was mislabeled at the time of its planting, the EU health commission spokesman says officials there have no way to determine whether the imports have stopped or where the corn may have ended up.

The unapproved strain of corn contains a gene that can result in resistance to ampicillin. The fear is that human consumption may lead to a degree of antibiotic resistance.

European authorities have asked Syngenta to disclose the corn's genetic makeup in order to expedite the process of locating and isolating the unapproved corn.