U.S. ethanol production continues to rebound from some of the temporary economic issues that have plagued the economy at large. According to the Energy Information Administration, American ethanol facilities produced 669,000 barrels per day in May.

Ethanol demand, as calculated by the Renewable Fuels Association, also continued to strengthen. According to RFA calculations, demand was 713,000 barrels per day, up from 673,000 barrels per day in March.

EIA shows fuel ethanol imports of 21.2 million gallons.

"More sanity in energy and commodity markets, an improving economic situation, and continued growing demand for ethanol have all helped contribute to the rebound being seen in ethanol production," said RFA President Bob Dinneen. "As the economy continues to strengthen and demand for ethanol expands, America's ethanol producers are more than capable of meeting our growing need for renewable alternatives to petroleum."

The RFA released the following statistics:

May 2009 Statistics
(mg = million gallons; b/d = barrels per day)

Fuel Ethanol Production 871.6 mg 669,000 b/d
Fuel Ethanol Use 928.3 mg 713,000 b/d
Fuel Ethanol Stocks 588.0 mg 19.6 days of reserve
Fuel Ethanol Exports 0.0 mg n/a
Fuel Ethanol Imports 21.2 mg

Source: Energy Information Administration, Renewable Fuels Association