The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) praised President George Bush's commitment to promoting renewable fuels, including ethanol and biodiesel, during his weekly Saturday radio address. Bush urged Congress to send him an energy bill that promotes homegrown fuels.

Bush stated, "America's prosperity depends on reliable, affordable and secure sources of energy ... And we continue to import more than one-half of our domestic oil supply ... The first order of business is for Congress to pass an energy bill ... [T]he energy bill must diversify our energy supply by developing alternative sources of energy like ethanol or biodiesel ... Now it's time to apply our knowledge and technology to keep the American Dream alive in this new century."

RFA President Bob Dinneen stated: "The ethanol industry applauds President Bush for promoting the role renewable fuels like ethanol can play in addressing our economic, environmental and security concerns. Increasing ethanol use expands gasoline supplies and lowers prices for all consumers. ... With President Bush's help, we are confident a robust RFS will be included in the energy bill and signed into law."

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Source: Association Release