The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) praised President George Bush's commitment to promoting ethanol and biodiesel during a trip to the Virginia Biodiesel Refinery near West Point, Va.

Bush stated, "We need to take four steps toward one vital goal, and that is to make America less dependent on foreign sources of oil. We must be better conservers. We must produce and refine more crude oil here in America. We must help countries like India and China to reduce their demand for crude oil. And we've got to develop new fuels like biodiesel and ethanol as alternatives to diesel and gasoline ...

"There's ways government can help. Congress needs to get me a bill that continues to help diversify away from crude oil. My administration supports a flexible, cost-effective renewable fuel standard. Its proposal would require fuel producers to include a certain percentage of ethanol and biodiesel in their fuel ..."

RFA president Bob Dinneen stated: "President Bush continues to make a strong push for energy legislation that promotes ethanol and biodiesel and we applaud his efforts. Biofuels can diversify our motor fuel supply and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Increasing ethanol use expands gasoline supplies and lowers prices for all consumers. With President Bush's help, we are confident a robust RFS will be included in the energy bill and signed into law."

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Source: Association Release