The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued the Re-registration Eligibility Document (RED) for PCNB, the active ingredient used in Chemtura fungicide products sold under the brand names Terraclor, Terraclor Super X and Turfcide.

During the RED review process all PCNB-containing products can be legally sold and used according to their label directions. Additionally, all existing stock will continue to be sold until a time yet to be determined by the registrant and EPA.

Issuance of the RED for PCNB fungicides will now be followed by a comment period ending October 2, 2006. Neither final decision nor any action has been taken by the EPA at this time that will affect use of PCNB products until then, and no new actions will be taken until the completion of the final review of all comments and supportive scientific data by the EPA, according to the company.

Issuance of this RED is part of the ongoing program at EPA to periodically review all registered crop protection chemicals against the most current scientific toxicological and environmental standards.