WILMINGTON, Del. -- Arkion Life Sciences LLC has been notified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of approval of a Section 18 application for the States of Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota, to protect corn seed from damage by cranes. This approval has been granted after an Emergency Crisis Exemption was issued last spring for use of their proprietary bird repellent, Avitec.

Each day after planting, a single crane can destroy enough young corn plants to decrease yield by 3-1/2 bushels. Over the six weeks of feeding opportunity in the spring, this amounts to almost 150 bushels of corn per bird unless a practical solution is used.

According to Ken Ballinger, vice president for Arkion Life Sciences, Arkion was given the unusual Emergency Exemption last spring to give farmers in the upper Midwest an effective way to protect their corn with a non-toxic seed treatment. A new liquid formulation of the product is available to pre-treat the seed prior to planting. The added convenience for the farmer will make the use of Avitec more widespread and effective in protecting the corn crop without any harm to the cranes.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection is leading the regulatory effort. Michael Braverman of the IR-4 Project at Rutgers University continues to organize meetings with the USEPA to discuss the risk assessment and registration of Avitec. IR-4 is conducting residue trials to insure the bird repellent is not found in the harvested crop or in the plant tissue.

Jeb Barzen, Wildlife Biologist for the International Crane Foundation, continues to oversee the collaboration between the EPA, various governmental agencies in the three states, four grower organizations and several non-profit conservation organizations involved in the launch of this innovative solution to a growing agricultural problem. "The International Crane Foundation is on the forefront of solving crane conflict situations with agriculture while protecting cranes in their natural habitat," he said.

Arkion Life Sciences, based in Wilmington, Del., is a technology-based company leading in the discovery, development and marketing of environmentally friendly, natural or nature identical bioactive compounds. The company has more than 550 patents and patent applications worldwide around these technologies, and employs biotechnology to capitalize on new opportunities in the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, animal health and agricultural markets. Arkion has three major businesses: Airepel(R), supplying bird repellents which feature a non-lethal method to control where birds feed and roost; Hyperimmune eggs with markets in human and animal nutrition; and Bio-Technical Resources (based in Manitowoc, WI), which develops processes and products based upon fermentation technology such as glucosamine, N-acetylglucosamine and natamycin.

SOURCE: Arkion Life Sciences LLC via PR Newswire.