SALT LAKE CITY -- OmniLytics Inc., a biotech company focused on developing safe and natural solutions for infectious disease and pest control, today announced final EPA registration for its AgriPhage bacteria-control product line.

OmniLytics' patented technology and proprietary processes, combined with more than 50 years of lab research and nearly a decade of experience testing in "real-world" environments, positions them as the leader in natural, phage-based products.

"We are excited to be the first company to ever receive a commercial registration from any regulatory agency in the United States for a phage-based product," said Justin Reber, OmniLytics' president and CEO. "Given the growing risks of continued use of antibiotics and chemicals, we believe phage-based therapies will revolutionize the way the world treats bacterial disease in humans, as well as in food and water supplies."

OmniLytics' revolutionary technology is also being used to develop bacteriophage-based solutions in the pharmaceutical, food & water safety, industrial, and defense markets. Product development efforts include successful field trials and experiments using bacteriophage for treating bacterial disease in water, sewer, shrimp, beef, poultry, catheters and other medical equipment, pulp slurries and dairy products.

Other human applications include treatment of burns, cuts, diarrhea, acne, and strep and staph infections. Each of these solutions can be applied in a way that promotes safe, natural healing and eliminates the risks associated with continued antibiotic usage.

Mohan D. Karve, president of Karve & Associates, specializing in global chemical connections and licensing, said: "The broad range of applications for a natural, effective, host-specific bactericide across multiple industries is boundless. As a consultant who advises and steers the direction of these industries, I am keenly aware of the demand for environmentally friendly and effective solutions for controlling harmful or unwanted bacteria. OmniLytics is ideally positioned to meet this demand."

OmniLytics is partnering with some of the world's largest food, industrial, and medical companies in order to continue its development of phage-based products in these markets.

For more information, call toll-free in the United States at 866-285-2644.

OmniLytics is a biotech company focused on developing safe, natural, effective solutions for infectious disease and pest control. Located in Salt Lake City, OmniLytics is pioneering research and development of bacteriophage solutions for control of microorganisms in agricultural, food & water, industrial, pharmaceutical, and defense markets. OmniLytics' proprietary formulas and processes optimize the use of natural bacteriophage for commercial applications.

SOURCE: OmniLytics Inc. via Business Wire.