eMerge Interactive, Inc., a technology company serving the agricultural, foodservice and healthcare industries, introduces CattleLog Pro Version 1.2, a major advancement in animal data management and reporting software.

"The New CattleLog Pro is a great example of integrating software, hardware and services into a simple, useful tool that can positively impact any livestock operation," said David Warren, president and CEO of eMerge Interactive. "Instead of simply adding a few new features, CattleLog Pro 1.2 approaches livestock management from a collection scenario perspective and gives customers easy access to a wide range of powerful, dynamic features that allow producers to collect and understand animal information on their terms."

Several industry-leading organizations, including Nichols Farms and Montana Beef Network, have already begun using the new version of CattleLog Pro. CattleLog Pro 1.2 has also been used in several of the state-based NAIS Pilot Projects that include animal and premises identification components. CattleLog partners such as ADM Alliance Nutrition will also be able to obtain the new version of CattleLog Pro.

Source: Company Release