eMerge Interactive, Inc., a technology company focusing on the agricultural, foodservice and healthcare industries, has announced that it has sold its Professional Cattle Consultants (PCC) group to Tom L. Tippens. The terms of the sale, which closed on March 9, were not disclosed.

David C. Warren, CEO of eMerge Interactive, commented, "PCC is a specialized business that provides custom benchmarking services and monthly publications to cattle feedyards. We determined that these specialties do not fit our long-term strategy for development of our animal identification business, and, as a result, decided to exit the business. PCC generated approximately $125,000 of revenue in 2004, with a small loss from operations. There will be minimal impact on our financial results as a result of this sale. We are pleased to be able to sell the business to Tom Tippens, the founder of the business and former Chairman of the Board of eMerge, who continues to be a supporter of eMerge in the marketplace."

Tom Tippens also observed, "I am very pleased to be able to acquire the PCC business, and I plan to continue and expand its benchmarking and consulting services. As the beef industry moves toward adoption of individual-animal management through the use of products such as eMerge's CattleLog, services such as PCC will have a role in the areas that the data impacts."

Source: Company Release