Sustainability is a challenge for us to get better and better every year in food production, and decisions have to be made now to influence the future of agriculture and producing food to feed the world population, according to a BASF official.

“We need to change the conversation a little bit,” said Paul Rea, senior vice president, BASF Crop Protection division for North America, in talking to media earlier this month.

“There are four areas where I think we really need to elevate the discussion,” he said.

  1. What do we want the future to look like?
  2. Being open to new ideas with science.
  3. How to have less talk and more action by all of us—now instead of later.
  4. Accepting that chemistry can made a difference for the future.

“We (BASF) believe we can take action,” Rea said.

Rea’s comments had minimal specifics or examples, but were meant to inspire support for progress using new technology and science to improve crop production. He was asking the agricultural media to continue to assist in spreading the word that using new science and technology developments is mandatory—not something to protest as organized by activists who are making the general public question modern agriculture.