LINDON, Utah -- Electric Aquagenics Unlimited Inc. -- the emerging provider of "Green Chemistry" to industries including food processing, agriculture and consumer products -- today announced that it intends to change its name to EAU Technologies Inc.

The name change reflects the continued evolution of the company as it develops current markets and incorporates its products and technologies into other markets with new product offerings.

"Two years ago we identified eight different markets that we felt would receive our electrolyzed oxidative water (EOW) technology," said Gaylord Karren, EAU's CEO.
"We started in the live beef and poultry processing industries, knowing that the current toxic and archaic methods of cleaning and sanitizing could be replaced by our non toxic and efficacious EOW technology. Simultaneously we attacked the living surfaces industry and introduced our Perfect Empowered Drinking Water(tm) and Aquagen oxygen supplement products into the consumer markets.

"We have now narrowed our focus to three major industries that we will pursue this year: live processing, consumer products and agricultural.

"Through a joint venture relationship, we acquired the remarkable Perfect Hand Sanitizer and Protectant(tm) product that we introduced last year through ABC's 'Sean Hannity Radio program,' where it was well received," said John Hopkins, EAU's president. "Late last year, we formed a strategic alliance with Dr. William Jackson and began marketing his excellent organic products that stimulate plant and animal growth naturally. We see a very big market opening up with these products.

"Thus, the name Electric Aquagenics Unlimited no longer fits the current evolved state of our company," Hopkins said. "EAU Technologies better reflects our company, our products and our future."

Electric Aquagenics Unlimited Inc. has been doing business under the name "EAU Technologies Inc." since January 1, 2006, and will seek formal shareholder approval to change its legal name to EAU Technologies Inc. EAU's stock trading symbol will remain EAQU.

EAU Technologies Inc. is a supplier of Electrolyzed Oxidative Water Technology (EOW Technology) and other complementary technologies with applications in diverse industries. EAU's water-based and non-toxic EOW Technology will replace many of the traditional methods now used to clean, disinfect, protect and nourish in large industries such as agriculture and food processing.

SOURCE: Electric Aquagenics Unlimited Inc. via PrimeZone.