Winners of the eighth annual AgProfessional Editors’ Choice New Product of the Year Award were announced this week. This Top 10 group represents the newest, most cutting-edge technologies for the agricultural industry specifically focused for use or sale by agricultural retailers, agronomists or crop consultants and in collaboration with their farmer customers.

The Top 10 products were selected from the dozens of new products registered or introduced during 2014. To qualify as an award winner, the products had to be available for stocking or pre-order sales for use in the 2015 season, if they were not actually available for first-time use in 2014.

This explanation about pre-season ordering is how many of the products qualify as top 10 products in 2014, but especially Dow AgroSciences’ Enlist Weed Control System with its registrations and approvals but with its marketing restrictions.

The other products selected are AgJunction’s new Outback Guidance auto steer systems, Arysta LifeSciece’s aßpro Yield Enhancer in Astera fungicide, BASF’s Xanthion In-Furrow Fungicide, Bayer CropScience’s Fluency Agent, Nutra-Flo’s FlexEC Technology Compatibility Agent, Raven’s Hawkeye Nozzle, Valmont’s Root Demand Irrigation subsurface irrigation, Valent’s Intego Suite insecticide seed treatment and WinField’s NutriSolutions 360° system.

It is a challenge each year to pick the products that we see as including innovative technology and marketing emphasis that will make them premier products and/or services in coming years. We are not concerned about whether the product has shown any sales and financial success as yet. These are introduction products with high potential in the minds of the AgProfessional editors.

Also, in considering a candidate for the Top 10, we consider the publicity the product generated and the excitement the companies showed when introducing their new product. We never solicit entries for the list of Top 10. Instead we look back over the year’s worth of product announcements and materials provided to us during the year.

Our picks of the Top 10 are based on what the companies and their public relations agencies generated as news followed up with web-based searches. In most cases, media events, news conferences or interview opportunities were used by companies to highlight the new products. In the end, we rely on companies being truthful in their product information and news releases.

We feel that we have again selected the Top 10 innovative products with big potential that deserve the highest recognition as 2014 New Products of the Year.

Vote for the Top New Product of the Year

Readers now have the responsibility to select the 2014 Readers’ Choice New Product of the Year Award winner.

Any reader of AgProfessional’s print and electronic/digital information products—AgProfessional magazine, “AgProfessional Weekly” e-newsletter, “Dealer Update” e-newsletter and the newly redesigned website—are eligible to vote.

There is no filling out of ballots and providing demographic information. You simply go to the website and click the upper left-hand corner small MENU button and then click “Events + Contests” to find the voting site. You can also click this to vote:

You can base your vote on the information provided and your personal experience or general agricultural knowledge. Description of the products, which are the same those that ran in the December issue of AgProfessional magazine, are available to read on the website before casting your vote.

The clock is ticking for you to vote. The deadline to vote is Jan. 10.

The winner of the 2014 Readers’ Choice New Product of the Year Award will be announced in the February issue of AgProfessional and in all our digital communications.