Eden Bioscience Corporation announced that it has received unconditional registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for ProAct(TM), a new generation of foliar-applied harpin protein designed to increase field crop yields. The company plans to register ProAct in all states except California for use during the 2005 season.

"Eden Bioscience specifically developed the next generation harpin protein used in ProAct to enhance yield in row crops such as corn, cotton, and rice, said Dr. Rhett Atkins, president and CEO. "In over 20 commercial and replicated cotton trials conducted by leading independent cotton experts, ProAct provided increased yields across all tested application rates and timings. In 11 replicated corn trials conducted by leading independent corn experts, ProAct increased yields on average by 8 bushels per acre at the one-half ounce per acre rate when applied with the first application of glyphosate herbicide. We believe the economic benefit to growers is favorable in both crops."

Corn growers will be trying ProAct on their fields this summer as part of a special ProAct Partnership Program co-sponsored by Eden Bioscience and the National Corn Growers Association. In the Partnership Program, NCGA members will be using ProAct on trial plots of about 20 acres each. They will monitor yield increases and other beneficial results from ProAct treatments. NCGA members also qualify for a $1/ounce discount on ProAct.

In Cotton, ProAct can be teamed with N-Hibit(TM) Seed Treatment, which is another harpin product introduced by Eden Bioscience this year and granted full EPA registration last year. N-Hibit is designed to reduce nematode egg production and feeding stress by activating the cotton plant's natural self-defense and growth systems.

Source: Company Release