Eden Research plc, a natural micro-encapsulation company, announced that it has signed an exclusive license agreement with Sipcam Italia Spa and Sipcam Iberia (collectively referred to as “Sipcam”) to sell 3AEY, an Eden-developed plant protection product, in Spain and Italy. In addition, SIPCAM will have the right to trial, register, develop and sell certain other plant protection products for use in those countries using Eden’s natural encapsulation technology, GO-E Inside.

The Licence Agreement, covers the use of 3AEY in a number of agricultural applications. This follows the news announced on Sept. 29, 2014, that Eden’s Greece based licence partner carried out successful pre-launch trials to combat botrytis in grapes using 3AEY, reinforcing the results seen in regulatory trials across the southern Mediterranean zone where 3AEY showed comparable disease control to conventional synthetic products. 

Sean Smith, chief executive officer of Eden, said, “The development and commercialisation of plant protection products with an established partner in Spain and Italy will ensure that we have exposure to these key grape growing regions. We are delighted to work with partners such as Sipcam, and their affiliated companies globally, to ensure that a steady pipeline of products continue through this final regulatory process and into commercial sales.

"Eden has recaptured the rights to 3AEY, which had been licensed to Cheminova, in order to grant the relevant rights to SIPCAM who, we believe, will commercialise 3AEY on a larger scale and which will generate greater returns to Eden.

"We expect this to be the first of a number of agreements that we will enter into with companies around the globe that have a connection with Sipcam and look forward to announcing these in due course.”

Giovanni Affaba, managing director of Sipcam, said, “We are delighted with this agreement, a milestone for us in the direction of building up a well-integrated portfolio of agrochemicals and natural products, able to highlight the well-known technical skills of our Company to offer solutions to farmers able to satisfy their needs.”