Eco Agro Resources announced the formation of its turf and ornamental specialty group.

Andrew Semple, CEO of Eco Agro Resources explained, “Our partnerships with innovative companies like Ekompany and Solvay have allowed us to grow, quickly bringing together a portfolio of world-class technologies to serve the turf , ornamental and specialty crops industries. We’re putting together a team of people with expertise to match. Formulator customers have shared with us that they would like to have more freedom of choice, and we can now offer a line of controlled-release nutrient products to meet those needs, in addition to the nitrogen stabilizers we have developed with our Penxcel technology.”

The company has recently added Ekote® controlled release fertilizers to their existing line of nitrogen inhibitors including N Yield and N-Bound stabilizers powered by Penxcel technology. A similar technology for phosphorus efficiency is being developed.

The new group will be headquartered in the recently expanded Sarasota, Fla., office. The Eco Agro Resources website is