SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- EarthMap Solutions now offers fruit and nut growers a cutting-edge solution for analyzing the health of individual trees or small clusters of vines within an orchard or vineyard. The Tree and Vine Grading product is now available through EarthMap Solutions' network of resellers.

Through a combination of high-resolution satellite or aerial imagery and proprietary analysis processes, EarthMap Solutions color-calibrates imagery data for ease of analysis, allowing for the determination of management zones, and the identification and analysis of various issues including vegetative health, irrigation management and harvest management.

EarthMap Solutions applies a proprietary process to the calibrated imagery to analyze the health and vigor of the vineyard or orchard. Individual tree or vine health is determined and assigned a value based on a color spectrum for quick and easy assessment. Through these values, growers can determine total number of units, identify missing or declining units, assess how many and which trees or vines are producing at full potential, and earmark units for adjustment. In addition, growers can assess the Average Green Vegetation Index by unit. By correlating this information with soil and foliage nutrient test results, growers can develop a management plan to improve the orchard or vineyard's yield potential.

"Our Tree and Vine Grading product gives growers a substantial advantage when it comes to maximizing the yield potential of an orchard or vineyard, which ultimately leads to greater profits," said Greg Knoblauch, president and CEO for EarthMap Solutions. "While our product is rich in cutting-edge calibration and analysis, its simple-to-use customer interface makes it well-received by growers."

Customers ordering the Tree and Vine Grading product will receive AgroWatch high-resolution information layers mapping Green Vegetation Index (GVI), Green Vegetation Sharpened (GVS), Color Infared (CIR), Black and White Orchard Map (PAN), and Vegetation Hue (HUE). Customers also receive a Tree Location Map (Polygon Shape File) that shows the location of each tree in the orchard and a Tree Attribute Database that can be queried either with a Geographic Information System (GIS) or a spreadsheet to obtain the desired management information.

Headquartered in Longmont, Colo., EarthMap Solutions was founded in 2004 but has lineage dating back over 10 years. Based on the company's strengths of industry expertise and a proven product line, EarthMap Solutions develops and sells cost-effective, innovative and accurate information products that bring new applications of remote sensing imagery to the agricultural, environmental and forestry markets. In addition to an unrivaled image library, EarthMap Solutions leverages 10 years of valuable intellectual property and calibration techniques to turn land data into effective decision-making tools.

SOURCE: EarthMap Solutions via Business Wire.