MEAD, Neb. -- E3 BioFuels' Genesis plant will begin production in December at Mead, Neb., as the first-ever closed-loop system for distilling commercial quantities of ethanol using methane gas recaptured from cow manure instead of fossil fuels.

The closed-loop system -- derived from an exclusive patent co-owned by an affiliate of E3 BioFuels -- combines a 25-million-gallon ethanol refinery, a beef cattle feedlot and anaerobic digesters to maximize energy efficiencies not available to each component on a stand-alone basis. This system eliminates the potential for manure to pollute watersheds, and it enables the wet distillers grain from ethanol production to be fed on-site to cattle without energy-intensive drying and transportation costs, the company said.

"The Genesis plant at Mead will be the first to market ethanol produced from closed-loop, self-sustaining ethanol technology by at least a year or two, in comparison to any other competitors," said Dennis Langley, chairman and CEO of E3 BioFuels.

"The Genesis plant effectively serves as a diligent steward of the environment -- producing a clean-burning motor fuel, solving water run-off pollution from agricultural wastes, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions," he said.

Langley said E3 BioFuels plans to build 15 more such plants of increasing size near feedlots and dairy farms within the next five years.

In a forthcoming statement, the E3BioFuels news release said, Langley will clarify E3 BioFuels' relationship to PRIME BioSolutions and to David Hallberg, a former employee of one of E3 BioFuels' affiliates. The statement will clarify that E3 BioFuels and its affiliates are the owners and the sole operators and managers of the Mead plant, the release said.

SOURCE: E3 BioFuels via PR Newswire.