DuPont announced that its new line of traits will be branded Optimum.

Its first product will be the proprietary glyphosate, ALS-tolerant trait from its subsidiary, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., as Optimum GAT (Glyphosate...ALS tolerant...Trait).

The Optimum GAT trait is expected for introduction into the marketplace in 2009.

Target crops include corn, soybeans and cotton.

"We're very excited about offering this new technology that takes a great system and makes it better," said Dean Oestreich, president of Pioneer. "By combining the Optimum GAT trait with our industry leading soybean products, farmers will enjoy even more significant yield advantages, along with improved weed control options," he said.

Oestreich said, "Yields of soybeans with the new gene will not be held back as they are by today's glyphosate tolerant traits; a difference university research suggests could be more than five percent."

DuPont Crop Protection President Jim Collins said, "Farmers know and trust the DuPont family of sulfonylurea herbicides which our scientists discovered and brought to market. It's literally the best of both worlds the benefits of glyphosate and ALS chemistry, all in one seed."

DuPont expects the Optimum GAT trait to receive full U.S. registration for use in soybeans and corn as early as 2009. The company will move ahead with the necessary regulatory approvals in other world markets.