BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Speaking as one of the keynote speakers at the World Biofuels Markets here today, DuPont Biofuels Vice President & General Manager John Ranieri provided an update on the company's initiatives to deliver technologies that use non-food agricultural feedstocks to produce biofuels as well as its efforts with partner BP to introduce biobutanol and advanced biofuels into the European market.

"Our bio-based materials strategy began with the premise that products must be both high-performance and environmentally sustainable to win in the global markets in which we operate today," Ranieri said. "DuPont has followed this strategy and is now delivering products with uncompromised performance that are also sourced from renewable, farm grown feedstocks. Biobutanol is a good example of improved performance and environmental sustainability for biofuels."

DuPont has a three-part biofuels strategy that includes: improving the yield of grain ethanol production through the research and technology expertise of subsidiary Pioneer Hi-Bred International; developing technologies to convert other agricultural feedstocks and energy crops into biofuels; and discovering new technologies to make advanced biofuels with enhanced fuel properties.

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SOURCE: DuPont via PR Newswire.