DuPont Pioneer and Origin Agritech Limited have entered into a commercial licensing agreement to develop new seed technologies for Chinese farmers. The collaboration is expected to help contribute to the modernization of China's agriculture system and improved food security, which the government has set as priorities.

With support from the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), and in partnership with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Origin has already developed corn seeds with insect control and herbicide tolerance traits.

“Once approved by the Chinese government, these products will help our country’s farmers fight the insects and weeds that prevent their crops from reaching their yield potential,” said Gengchen Han, chairman and CEO, Origin Agritech. “We have cooperated with DuPont Pioneer for several years, and we are pleased to be working with them on this project.”

China’s agriculture landscape is evolving. Farmers are increasingly adopting technologies, such as high-quality hybrid seed, mechanization and data-based decision making. The biotech traits Origin Agritech has submitted to the rigorous China government approval process are another important tool for improved domestic grain production.

Origin Agritech has applied for patents and regulatory approval in other countries, including the United States, to advance its global strategy to not only serve Chinese farmers, but also meet the needs of farmers around the world.