The only mention of rust six months ago around the coffee shop might have been a mere reference about rust showing on the truck fender. Today, though, at the mention of rust, the conversation diverts to the latest information about Asian soybean rust. Joining the list of resources now available is from Dow AgroSciences.

Navigating through the site will allow the reader to further explore sections on how to scout for the disease and steps to report a suspected case. In addition, content also addresses the various classes of fungicides available to defeat soybean rust, offers treatment recommendations and provides information about Laredo and PropiMax fungicides.

Laredo and PropiMax are approved Section 18 fungicides offered by Dow AgroSciences for control of soybean rust. Both products are sterol inhibitor products from the triazole chemical class, which offers both preventive and curative control. Applications of Laredo and PropiMax deliver up to 21 days of residual activity, depending upon disease pressure.

Source: Company Release