Barnyardgrass control 14 days after Loyant herbicide application (right).
Barnyardgrass control 14 days after Loyant herbicide application (right).

Dow AgroSciences announced Loyant herbicide as the name of its new weed control product in rice, which will be an effective tool in the fight against herbicide resistance. First registrations of Loyant are anticipated in 2017-18.

Loyant will control broadleaf weeds, grasses and sedges in rice through an alternative mode of action, Rinskor active.

Having worked closely with Loyant, University of Arkansas weed scientist Jason Norsworthy says it will provide a new solution to the resistant barnyardgrass issues rice growers face.

“It’s not uncommon to find resistance to ALS herbicides, propanil and quinclorac within the same [Arkansas rice] field. In these cases, there’s not many options left, and that’s why there’s a lot of talk and excitement around new chemistry,” Norsworthy says. “We’ve done greenhouse work that demonstrates [Loyant] is very active on quinclorac-, propanil- and ALS-resistant barnyardgrass.”

Loyant herbicide will have a robust, broad spectrum of control, including:

  • Grasses: Barnyardgrass, broadleaf signalgrass, junglerice and suppression of tighthead sprangletop
  • Broadleaves: Hemp sesbania, pigweed, jointvetch, eclipta, dayflower, ducksalad, grassy arrowleaf, redstem and numerous other broadleaf weeds
  • Sedges: Yellow nutsedge, rice flatsedge

“Not only will [Loyant] be a tool for barnyardgrass, it’s very good on ALS-resistant rice flatsedge, smallflower umbrellasedge and it has some activity on the ALS-resistant yellow nutsedge,” Norsworthy says. “It’s an excellent material for control of aquatic weeds, many which are ALS-resistant. I think it has a very strong play with common resistant weeds in rice.”

The Loyant formulation will have a low use rate and low adjuvant requirement. Loyant herbicide is expected to offer excellent crop safety and fit well in ClearField and conventional rice systems.

“Dow AgroSciences is committed to providing rice growers the ability to produce clean fields today and protect their future yield,” says Hunter Perry, field scientist, Dow AgroSciences. “We are excited for the addition of Loyant herbicide, which will help to broaden Dow AgroSciences’ existing strength on rice weed control.”