MANA (Makhteshim Agan of North America Inc.), the sole U.S. registrant and manufacturer of diazinon tech, announces that diazinon is readily available and registered for use in agricultural crops. Diazinon will be sold under the existing agricultural use label until the amended agricultural label is issued. MANA diazinon is available in two formulations AG 500 and 50WP.

The amended label prepared by MANA is the result of the IRED (Interim Re-registration Eligibility Decision) announced by EPA in July of 2002, and is pending EPA approval. This amended ag-only label will be available at a later date, possibly as early as spring.

"There has been a bit of confusion in the market," says Rick Beardmore, product manager. "When the other diazinon registrant announced it was pulling out of diazinon altogether, including their ag uses, many believed all resources for the active dried up." Beardmore points out that MANA has been in there with a commitment to product
stewardship and to working with EPA in support of the IRED amended label for agricultural use. "We also had a lot of industry support for which we are grateful," adds Beardmore.

Supporting MANA with IRED labeling are many commodity and grower associations interested in preserving access to this valuable crop protection tool. MANA recognizes the efforts made by these groups in a challenging regulatory environment. A partial list includes: US Apple Assn., Western Growers Assn., California Grape and Tree Fruit League, Cranberry Institute, California Farm Bureau, Texas Vegetable Assn., California Lettuce Research Commission, California Melon Research Board, California Minor Crops Council, and others.

Source: Company Release