Crompton Crop Protection, Middlebury, Conn., announces that Diamond™ insecticide, registered last season for the control of plant bug and stink bug nymphs and other insect pests in cotton, is now approved for control of cotton fleahopper nymphs at a rate of 6 to 9 ounces per acre.

Applied when insect pests are in the larvae/nymph stage, Diamond controls insects by interfering with chitin development. It has been proven effective in preventing juvenile tarnished plant bugs, clouded plant bugs, stink bugs, armyworms, loopers, budworms, bollworms, cotton leaf perforators and salt marsh caterpillars from reaching the next growth stage.

"Because Diamond introduces a unique mode of action, it offers a good option in rotation with other classes of insecticides," says Tim Weiland, Ph.D., global technology manager at Crompton Crop Protection. "Diamond is also safe to most beneficial insect species, and is highly compatible with IPM programs."

Source: Company Release