The U.S. Grains Council has taken an active role in the promotion of U.S. sorghum in Northern Africa to offer end-users another quality feed ingredient to incorporate in their rations.

USGC Consultant Brian McCuistion traveled to Morocco and Tunisia this week to afford grain importers and feedmillers the opportunity to become acquainted with a U.S. sorghum industry expert.

Kurt Schultz, USGC director in the Mediterranean and Africa, emphasized the importance of McCuistion's introduction to the importers and feedmillers, noting, "They will now have someone to contact in the future for advice on formulating rations to include U.S. sorghum."

Morocco and Tunisia imported U.S. sorghum in the past, though quantities tapered off in recent years as feed ingredients from other origins created competition for the U.S. product. The Council is currently working to reintroduce sorghum into the Moroccan marketplace because duties have been lifted, creating a natural position in the market. While the duties are also zero for sorghum exports to Tunisia, the marketplace is not as familiar with the grain.

"U.S. sorghum has faced challenges in the past with price competitiveness in the marketplace, but we are optimistic the Council's efforts in the region to reintroduce the product to the buyers, paired with its duty-free advantage, will increase demand for the high quality feed ingredient," said Schultz.

While in Morocco, McCuistion met with 14 major feed millers in addition to grain traders, focusing on price, supply and demand and export channels of U.S. sorghum. As McCuistion travels through Tunisia the remainder of this week, he will meet with buyers who have already expressed an interest in the qualities of U.S. sorghum and its inclusion in feed rations.

SOURCE: U.S. Grains Council.