The environment continues to be ripe for machinery acquisitions, with Deere & Company and Hagie Manufacturing, leader in high-clearance sprayers, announcing a joint venture with Deere acquiring majority ownership of the company. The current plan is to continue manufacturing sprayers in Clarion, Iowa at Hagie headquarters and for Hagie sales and service to be integrated into Deere’s global distribution channel over the next 15 months, Deere said Tuesday in a statement.

The joint venture allows John Deere to provide a broader range of spraying equipment and precision offerings to its customers while Hagie now has the ability to reach more customers and be supported with Deere’s dealer network, according to company representatives in a prepared statement. 

“High-clearance spraying equipment is a new market for Deere. The expertise at Hagie allows John Deere to immediately serve customers who need precision solutions that extend their window for applying nutrients,” said John May, president, agricultural solutions and chief information officer at Deere.

Farmers are more mindful of the changes in the marketplace after John Deere announced plans in 2015 to acquire Climate Corporation’s Precision Planting and data sharing across platforms and Monosem, the European market leader in precision planters.