Concern by rural Texans about ‘mining’ water

The Texas legislature’s House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee held a hearing yesterday on the issue of water marketing, which frequently involves transferring water from rural communities to urban centers. Farmers and the ag industry representatives had to force themselves into being heard, suggested Judith McGeary, executive director of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA).


Company adding new precision irrigation offerings

Hortau, a provider of precision irrigation management systems and services since 2002, has secured $10 million in financing to fuel company growth and broaden its service offering to new areas of North America.


Welcome rains may be a challenge to almond production

Storms that have been rolling in off the Pacific, helping to fill reservoirs and recharge groundwater, may be a challenge for almond growers should they coincide with the upcoming almond pollination season. The almond bloom is expected to be "normal to a little ahead of normal," says Bob Curtis, director, Agricultural Affairs, Almond Board of California, increasing the risk of unfavorable weather conditions just when bee activity is necessary to pollinate this year's crop.


ChemChina, Syngenta to move quickly on U.S. nat'l security review

State-owned China National Chemical Corp, which plans to buy Swiss seeds and pesticide maker Syngenta, will promptly start preparations for what could be a lengthy U.S. national security review, as the House Agriculture Committee chairman said he would monitor the deal.


Commentary: Trusting the Chinese government

How much do we trust the Chinese government? Apparently, Europeans and the stockholders of Syngenta trust the Chinese government completely. The volume of articles that have been written about the acquisition of Syngenta by state-owned ChemChina since the announcement Wednesday, Feb. 3, has been huge. Every ag publication editor has been looking for their own angle to write about, but most of the content has been speculation because most companies and associations aren’t ready to make any official comments.


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