Deadline for entry in the Precision Impact Awards, 2014 Ag Retailer Program, is Sept. 15.

We’re still looking for entries and feel the more entries the better. Coming out as a winner will mean more when selected above a number of outstanding operations. In the end, we know the winner will have a proven record of superior customer service, technological offerings and positive impact on the environment.

If you remember, when we announced the program we explained the judging panel will be looking at a local operation’s use and promotion of precision agriculture technology for the following:

  • Input efficiency improvement.
  • Stewardship of the environment.
  • Bottom-line profitability for the retailer and customers.
  • Grower engagement and encouragement of customer use.
  • Overall innovative use of precision technologies.

We recognize that a local operation might not be able to show a strong advantage in each and every criteria, but there will be areas in which an operation excels. Examples of specific cases where the local operation and certain employees stepped up to increase use of precision ag technology and had a positive impact is what will influence the judges.

You can see what was thought to be examples of activities that fit into each criteria by checking out the entry page at

I’m thinking that some co-ops and ag retailer operations have been hesitant to submit an entry because they feel they’re not that different than other operations around the country, but in reality, if an operation prides itself on being ahead of their local competition in precision ag offerings or is leading the charge by their customers during the 21st century of ag, they are prime candidate to win a Precision Impact Award.

A local operation might want to talk with their manufacturing or distributor representative of precision technology and services to evaluate if they are excelling in their offerings to customers and improving local agriculture to a degree that might earn an award.

I must stress again that this award is for local operations and employees, not regional operations and corporate managers.

Registration for two to the Agricultural Retailers Association annual meeting in New Orleans from Dec. 2-4 plus travel and accommodations will be provided each winning company. Announcement of the winners will be in front of the general assembly of registrants. This is the first Precision Impact Awards as initiated by AgProfessional and the ARA.

Those entering this award program do not have to be members of ARA. Please check out the entry form page, which provides more information. The website is