Fierce XLT soybean herbicide has been talked about as a product to “eliminate the guesswork in weed control,” according to Valent. Availability of Fierce XLT is anticipated for the 2015 growing season.

A Valent spokesperson said, “Fierce XLT herbicide eliminated the guess work in weed control because it will provide the broadest control available of small and large-seeded broadleaves, including ragweeds, as well as annual grasses.”

Fierce XLT is being talked about as providing long-lasting residual for early preplant burndown or up to three days after planting.

The talk in the industry is about “zero tolerance” for weeds, especially those resistant to glyphosate, and Fierce XLT is being positioned as a premium product option for helping soybean growers reach zero tolerance. This isn’t to say that there won’t be a few escapes that would need to be postemerge treated, but it also should allow use of a postemerge herbicide on small, late emerging weeds later into the season. After a late-season treatment, the soybeans can canopy and help keep any further weed breakthrough from occurring.

The success of Fierce XLT will be driven by the two active ingredients of Fierce (flumioxazin and pyroxasulfone) and the active of Classic herbicide (chlorimuron ethyl).