As part of its international development strategy, De Sangosse announced its latest acquisition into North America – Nutrient Technologies, an industry-leading manufacturer in the field of Plant Nutrition in the Western United States. For more than 20 years, Nutrient Technologies has successfully developed and marketed an innovative product portfolio based on TechFlo technology. Tech-Flo products are chemically reacted, neutral, micronized powders formulated as flowable dispersions for use as nutritional sprays. These products primarily target the fruit, vine and vegetable markets.

Nutrient Technologies will benefit from the additional resources of partnering with De Sangosse, which will allow them to pursue and increase their pace of new product development. With the teamed strength and expertise of Nutrient and De Sangosse together, Tech-Flo products will have a greater impact upon the global market, improving plant nutrition and benefitting more people and livestock than ever before.

"This acquisition strengthens our leading position in the Plant Nutrition specialty markets at the worldwide level, and provides a platform for us in one of the most important agricultural regions. It's an important step taken from our strategic development plan," said Nicolas Fillon, CEO, De Sangosse. "U.S. agriculture has a very high growth potential for De Sangosse. The addition of Nutrient Technologies—with its strong brand recognition and presence in the Western United States—will allow us to accelerate our international development."

"The purchase of Nutrient Technologies by De Sangosse is an opportunity to strengthen and accelerate the development of our new projects, while benefiting from the additional
resources provided by De Sangosse. We share the same philosophy, selective approach to foliar markets and integration of the product development process including research, formulation, registration and marketing. De Sangosse is the right partner to take the company to the next level." said Dr. Lester McNall, founder and CEO, Nutrient Technologies.

Carl Tanner, former CEO of Liphatech, Inc. will lead the transition as interim CEO of Nutrient Technologies. Jeff Reimche, who has played a critical role in the past 20 years in the company's success, will continue his responsibilities as director of operations. De Sangosse has continually invested in the development of new solutions for agriculture. The opportunity for additional expansion enables the company to better position itself in the growing global Plant Protection and Nutrition markets.