Dairy Fresh Farms announced that it plans to launch its highly awaited "healthy" decadent ice cream for summer 2006, and compete in the $22 billion USD North American ice cream market.

According to the company, the preliminary taste tests were completed in early December, and it will begin targeted taste tests in three major markets: Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, over the next four months. Dairy Fresh Farms plans to have the ice cream on the shelves of retailers by this Summer.

Rob Harrison, President of Dairy Fresh Farms Inc. stated, "We anticipate that the ice cream will be quickly accepted by the market as the best choice in terms of its rich taste, choice of flavors, and mouth watering ingredients, as well as being the one and only healthy ice cream with virtually no saturated fat." Mr. Harris continued, "Having been personally responsible for the successful launch of other leading brands in Canada, such as Ben & Jerry's, I believe the market has been awaiting a healthy ice cream that offers no compromise in terms of taste and feel. That is exactly what our dairy technology has been able to achieve."

Source: Dairy Fresh Farms Inc.