Kyle Liske, Public Policy Counsel, attended a public meeting hosted by the Chemical Security Board. At the meeting, the CSB noted it is planning to release its West, Texas, Investigation Report in the "next couple of months" at a public meeting in Waco, Texas. The report is currently in the final review and editing stage.

Furthermore, the CSB updated their "Most Wanted" page by adding "Modernizing Process Safety Management Regulations." On the page, the CSB recommends the following to OSHA:

  • Expand the rule's coverage to include the Oil and Gas Sector and add reactive chemicals, among others;
  • Add additional management system elements to include the use of leading and lagging indicators to drive process safety performance and provide stop work authority to employees;
  • Update existing Process Hazard Analysis requirements to include the documented use of inherently safer systems, hierarchy of controls, damage mechanism hazard reviews, and sufficient and adequate safeguards;
  • Develop more explicit requirements for facility/process siting and human factor, including fatigue;
  • Define and evaluate updates to Recognized And Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practice (RAGAGEP);
  • Add safety-critical equipment to existing mechanical integrity requirements; 
  • Clarify Management of Change requirements to ensure they are applied to organizational changes;
  • Require coordination of covered facilities emergency plans with local emergency response authorities; 
  • Permit third-party compliance audits.