The 2015 CropLife America (CLA) and RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment) Spring Conference kicked-off Tuesday with an interactive trade show designed to enhance attendees’ understanding of pesticide label language as it supports safe product use. Titled Bringing the Label to Life: A Workshop for Registrants and Federal Agencies, the trade show featured innovative pest management and plant health tools and technologies in a hands-on format, connecting pesticide labels to real life applications.

The 2015 CLA & RISE Spring Conference full schedule of programming begins Thursday and features an array of scientific and regulatory topics with more than 50 expert speakers from regulatory agencies, academia, the scientific community and industry. Attendees will discuss the latest science and learn more about the issues facing the crop protection and specialty pesticide industries. Session topics include pollinator health, the Endangered Species Act, international trade, state pesticide preemption and the Clean Water Act. 

“This year for the first time, we are pleased to give conference attendees an opportunity at our trade show to directly interact with manufacturers, distributors, regulators and other stakeholders involved in crop protection and specialty pesticide technologies,” stated Jay Vroom, president and CEO of CLA. “The 2015 conference focuses on linking the science and research behind pesticides with issues that impact agriculture and specialty pesticide use and regulation. Now more than ever, we must amplify the message of sound science and the importance of scientifically rigorous regulation.” 

The opening general session, taking place April 23, will feature experts specializing in the effect of global pesticide issues in the United States. Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO of BioConsortia Inc. will give a keynote presentation on biologics, their applications to agricultural and specialty pesticide technology, and the potential for regulatory oversight and change. David Zurak, Ph.D., will follow with a presentation on the 2013 European Union moratorium on neonicotinoid insecticides and its potential impact on pollinator health and pesticides in the U.S. In his talk, Zurak will focus on what the science tells us and what policy developments have occurred.

“Our Bringing the Label to Life workshop created by our regulatory experts is designed to foster greater understanding about what products do, how they are applied and which pests, situations and diseases they control. Participants are able to interact with the products, application equipment and technology used to ensure safe and precise application. We’re excited to bring this experience to our regulators and others interested in our industry. They will see what happens once a product label is approved through to application, storage and disposal,” said Aaron Hobbs, president of RISE. 

“The spring conference serves as a way to facilitate discussion and action on existing and developing regulatory and policy implications,” noted Janet Collins, Ph.D., CLA’s senior vice president of science and regulatory affairs. “Scientific advancement is at the core of our mission to deliver effective technology and its benefits, and attendees this year will benefit from robust dialogue.” 

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