National Corn Growers Association President Bob Dickey released the following statement on the new documentary, Food Inc.

"U.S. corn farmers are proud of their work. Each season, we battle the elements to plant, grow and harvest a crop that is the world's wonder, a crop that is used safely for countless products, from food to fuel to fiber. And each season, we strive to do this in a more and more efficient and environmentally sustainable manner, thanks to reliable technology in the seed and in the field.

"The fact is, conventional U.S. field corn is a safe product, whether it is used in processed foods such as corn starch or corn syrup, whether it is fed to cattle and other livestock, or whether it is used as ethanol or fiber. Its versatility as a safe and inexpensive ingredient is second to none, which is why demand for it persists year after year.

"This film's producers don't like the steps government, the food industry and commodity groups like NCGA have taken to keep food prices low and help feed the world's hungry. We have the least expensive food of any nation, and for that we're grateful.

"Further, the movie's producers offer no large-scale workable solution, just more outdated practices that will reduce yield and drive up costs - in effect, making sure fewer mouths are fed at a higher cost. We urge them to look at the real costs and causes of obesity and its related health issues and recognize - along with the scientific experts - that corn is a healthy and safe natural food product."