After building its production plant in 2011 and its research center in 2013, the Goëmar company inaugurated its new global headquarters on March 27 in Saint-Malo, France.

This project was supported by the arrival of Arysta LifeScience Limited as a new shareholder as of March 2014. Since then, the integration has not stopped, according to the companies.

Under the Agricultural Solutions Division of Platform Specialty Products, Arysta LifeScience has joined forces with Agriphar Crop Solution and Chemtura Agrosolutions. In this new group, more than ever before, Goëmar plays a very critical role, both through the existent portfolio and the research products on biocontrol, biostimulants and innovative nutrition.

Goëmar has positioned itself as the leader in bioperformance, the company claims. As such, Goëmar is at the forefront of innovation and provides to Arysta LifeScience group a growth dynamic in what it calls the BioSolution space.

The construction of the global headquarters ensures the synergy of the company’s personnel to fully pursue its international and environmental ambition, it was announced.  This bioclimatic building gathers into one single workplace all of Goëmar’s activities:

  • Its research teams in the Research and Innovation Center to develop bioperformance technologies: physio-activation, innovative nutrition and biocontrols.
  • Its production teams in the industrial plant.
  • Its support teams in the global headquarters with new technologies that help them in their daily work.

Being locally based in the Brittany region of France is definitely part of Goëmar’s strength and uniqueness, it was suggested in the announcement. “The natural resources of this territory allow Goëmar to develop faster. The inauguration of this global headquarters is synonym of fertile growth, of innovation and, of course, of job creations,” it was suggested.