Hunting Lease Network, a subsidiary of Farmers National Company (the largest farm and ranch management company in the United States), brings landowners and sportsmen together online to establish formal hunting leases.

According to Farmers National, hunting leases have been growing in popularity as landowners look for secure means of supplemental income and sportsmen feel they can put more money into a higher-quality hunting experience. With the proliferation of Web-based services, an online "meeting place" for landowners and hunters presented itself as the perfect solution.

Hunting Lease Network has opened more than 212,000 acres of private land that a few years ago were closed to all hunting. Troy Langan, manager of the Hunting Lease Network, said additional land will become available as the Hunting Lease Network makes franchise opportunities available throughout the United States for sportsmen who are looking to turn a hobby and passion into a career. This is the first hunting lease franchise in the world.

Hunting Lease Network already has communicated with 110 prospective franchises to date. Two corporate-owned franchises are already up and running, and the first two independent franchises are sold and operating. The lease process will be the same for each franchise. Landowners pay a $100 enrollment fee, which covers the cost for Hunting Lease Network to build a Web page secific to each landowner's property that includes a detailed description and aerial maps. For this fee, Hunting Lease Network also markets the potential lease nationwide, answers questions from bidders and coordinates all bidding.

Hunting leases provide an average annual income of $2,350 per landowner. The full-service arrangement through Hunting Lease Network appeals to many landowners who are looking for additional income from their land but have always been wary of allowing hunting on their property.

Source: Company Release