Conservis Corp., the leading developers of cloud-based farm management software, offered farmers across North America a better way to submit crop insurance claims.  This is the latest enhancement to the company’s flagship software platform that has helped farmers manage operations via desktop and mobile devices since 2009.

“Late fall can be an awful time for farmers,” said Pat Christie, Conservis CEO. “After the rush and   exhaustion that comes from getting another harvest off the fields, producers are looking at their yields and assessing whether or not to submit an insurance claim. Whether it’s a revenue or yield protection claim, that can mean hours in the office hand-keying scale tickets, looking up historical production records and going back through
a collection of input receipts, weather reports and more. More often than not, a claim like that will trigger a third-party appraisal and a lengthy delay in getting a check because so much information has to be re-keyed at every step of the process.”

“We have abetter way,” Christie continued. “Conservis precisely tracks farm operations right down to the field level and in real-time. Claim documentation becomes ‘point and click’ easy and quick, insurers are more likely to accept claims as accurate and a settlement check is in your mailbox faster than ever. We’re calling on every farmer in North America to make this year the last year of hand entries, lengthy third-party verification and processing delays.”

"Manually entering yield data from carts, trucks, storage bins and elevators into a report my agent accepts was tedious and time-consuming.” said Joel Mathiowetz, a fifth generation farmer from Morgan, Minn. “Now that
information is automatically generated and allows for faster settlement checks. You have no idea how much time and energy Conservis saves me.”

Conservis’ farm management software helps business-oriented operations keep more precise delivery records to know what’s leaving the farm, when  and where it went, and generate more accurate inventory and ownership reports. The system is highly adaptable to farm needs from data gathering at the ground level to full-scale digital farm workflow and automation initiatives. The cloud-based, service-centric software comes
with technical support and IT troubleshooting a phone callaway.

The Conservis farm management software is used by some of North America’s largest and most successful agricultural producers. The Conservis system currently helps manage more than $6,000,000,000 of agricultural
land, equipment, inputs and crop assets at all stages of production.

Christie urged all farmers wrestling with another year of manual claims filing to visit the company’s web site at or to call (612) 424-­‐6300 for more information about how Conservis can help them  with crop insurance claim processing  as well as ways to improve overall farm operations and profitability.