Farmers are still concerned about the effects of the freezing temperatures on their crops. Most of the "Crop Talk" authors this week have mentioned possible consequences of the frost or freeze on the various crops in their area. Here we are a week later, and there are still a lot of unknowns about the impact of these freezing temperatures.

I know Dave Harms indicated that with the growing point still below the soil line, the plants have the potential of growing out of the damage. However, throughout much of the corn growing region, the temperatures have remained cool and generally have not encouraged significant plant growth. In turn, the plants have been slow to show much progress and at this time we are starting to find brown leaf tissue extending down to the growing point. It may be acceptable to lose a small percentage of the plants from rots and diseases, considering the cost of replanting, but we will need a few more days to evaluate the total impact of these low temperatures.

In regards to the winter wheat across the High Plains, there is very little physical plant damage seen in southwest Kansas. However, because the wheat was just starting to head out, there is the potential of head sterility from possible damage to the flowering parts of the plant. This will not show up for another one to three weeks.

Source: Ron O'Hanlon, CPCC-I, CropTalk