Talk about issuing statements that are reactionary, damning of elected officials and outright lies all in one paragraph, that is what came out from Zen Honeycut, founder of Moms Across America.

She condemned Sen. Pat Robert’s introduction of the bill to establish a federal voluntary GMO labeling system, which would pre-empt state laws that require GMO labeling.  

"Sen. Robert's new version of the DARK act is another attempt to block state's rights, namely Vermont's GMO labeling law from going into effect July 1 by making GMO labeling voluntary. In addition, it forces the USDA to spend citizen tax dollars on GMO propaganda. This bill is an affront to our democracy and promotes poisoning the American people with our own money. Citizens who are aware of the reality of GMOs will not vote for any Senator who supports this bill," Honeycut said.

The Moms Across America website appears to be organizing fights against allowing GMOs in food, not just labeling GMOs. Who wants to fight “moms” by saying they are wrong and basically lying about GMOs negatively affecting the health of anyone, especially their children?

As is noted on their website, organic solutions are the only true answer for food to feed North Americans. The organization is “committed to empowering millions to educate themselves about GMOs and related pesticides, get GMOs labeled and offer GMO-free and organic solutions.”

I’m standing behind the almost unanimous world of scientists and health officials who say the negative health conditions claimed by the “moms” from eating GMO foods are false. No negative health conditions have ever been verified through any investigations of GMO food. There may be health conditions experienced by eating certain foods or contaminated foods, but not from eating foods from GMO food production.

The negative stance by Moms Across America apparently is against conventional agriculture. The organization tries to hide it somewhat by only referencing “GMOs and related pesticides,” whatever that actually means.

These moms should buy their organic food, but quit spreading lies about things they have no proof to say.