I wish I knew how many of our regular newsletter and website readers pay much attention or care about the news that we post during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The mentality that accompanies the communications of today is that we are the electronic ag industry business-to-business newspaper of today, and that means providing news at least five days a week.

When I became the editor of AgProfessional magazine, about 10 years ago, there was no demand to post 10 or more news items a day. But that has been the direction for the past seven years. And in the last five years, posting for Twitter and Facebook news has been an additional focus.

I give all the credit to Colleen Scherer, who has the official title of managing editor of AgProfessional. In actuality, her job responsibilities have doubled since 10 years ago because she handles almost all the posting of news plus managing Twitter and Facebook accounts.

So, to double an employee’s workload should mean that what she does is valuable to readers. We can track open rates for readership of our newsletters and viewership of the website. This occurs whenever you click open any electronic site or news item these days.

Knowing this still leaves questions about what exactly trips someone to open specific articles or why people do or don’t check our website daily. 

We are not ashamed of posting news releases, which we often edit to remove flowery self-flattering language. We think you want to read business to business news—not the farm news found on the majority of “farm” websites focused at farmers/growers. 

We have so few reader comments placed with specific articles, but at this time of year, it seems appropriate if you could provide a comment for Colleen about how much you appreciate her choice of articles to post. Or you can focus critical comments to me.

If you think we have been deficient in posting certain types of news or if a department is missing on the website, we’d appreciate hearing from you.

My career started in the daily newspaper business, but it was an easy gig compared to today’s instant news demands. I began as a photographer and feature writer who also covered some Friday night sports events just for the fun of it. Wow, how easy that was.

In wrap up, we hope our double-the-workload efforts are of value this time of year and year round.