The insults and the barbs are being thrown at the Des Moines Water Works director and board, which has threatened to sue three counties in Iowa because it claims nitrate pollution or runoff from farmland has created large nitrate concentrations in the river water supply of the state capitol city.

Gary H. Baise is a principal attorney at OFW Law (Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Matz P.C.), and he authored a commentary that first appeared in Farm Futures magazine. He explains the situation from his point of view and quotes an Iowa legislator who contends the insult is the water board blaming farmers. The column is titled “Des Moines Water Works insults farmers.”

Whenever Baise’s columns appear in the magazine or other publications, it is noted that the opinions presented are expressly those of the author. The law firm for which he works is Washington, D.C., based. We are sharing the commentary, so that you can read his explanation and opinion, by clicking here.